Designing a Website

This week, I designed my website plans on paper so I’d have a visual focus on the goal of the site. The process is more tedious than I originally thought.

All of my work -photography and articles- have to be on separate pages along with any services I might consider like wedding or family photography. I need a contact and about me page so my audience will know who they’ll be doing business with and how to reach me.

I read an article  Organizing Web Content that guided me when I planned my website. It explained the benefits of organizing all services on separate pages like how it’s easier for the audience to find a specific page on search engines.  The article helped me focus on what caters to my audience by having a contact me with a social media widget since most employers in journalism search for an internet savvy journalist. I’m avoiding putting all of my services on one page since they all need an individual page for more details. Landing pages boost clicks on my website and the audience can find the site more efficiently if there are multiple landing pages.

Hopefully as I learn more in Digital Writing and Production, I can enhance my website to suite its needs.


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