Google Filters

Today, I learned a new function on gmail that filters emails with key words in it. I made a filter for both of my summer classes so I can access it easily and know exactly where to find an email for reference or to message my teachers. It marks all of those emails as important so it’s the first thing I view when I check my college email. The process was easy, but it can be complicated if someone filters it by who the email is sent from and to or how many key words are entered. I’ll definitely be using this function in the future to sort out emails for freelance jobs or to talk to my coworkers and editor. You can learn how to make filters here. Create a Filter

If I wrote an email to Dr. Hossain about leaving early for class, I would write:

Hello Dr. Hossain, I have an issue I need to address. For the upcoming lab this Tuesday, I need to leave the class 20 minutes early to make it to a doctor’s appointment. Thank you for understanding.

Regan Francis


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