Web Security

In the new digital age, information can be instantaneously sent and also stolen. An article about preventing account hacking gave several tips. The article advised against reusing passwords since a breach in one account can lead to more if the same password is tried on other accounts linked to you.

Another tip involved setting up two-factor authentication like emails and banks offer. In order to log in from a new device, a code is sent to an email or phone to put in when logging on. Doing so helps you keep track of where your information is being used and to assure no one but you can get in. Three Essential Steps to Make Yourself More Hack-Proof

In the communication field, web security is essential because an online presence is an important part of the job. If a social media account is compromised, my reputation can be ruined if hackers add inappropriate posts.

The definition of privacy has evolved along with technology. While a public official is entitled to their privacy, it can only extend for so long until it affects the people they represent. Sometimes hackers reveal relevant facts to the public. Information belonging to the American people needs to be revealed in order to maintain a democratic society, even at the cost of public figure privacy.


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