Web Virality

In the new digital age of social media, web virality contributes to most of the internet’s comments be it a funny video or someone’s story.

Knowing how to make content viral can positively benefit someone in the communications field since many employers look for journalists with multimedia skills. If a journalist can make stories go viral, the website will get more traffic and from there possibly more readers.

The communication field contributes to virality on the internet by bringing important or emotional stories to the public’s attention. Journalism has been known for changing the course of history through stories about political scandals and exposing shocking government information.

The concept of virality has aided the journalism industry for years and, with the help of the internet, the field will continue to thrive by spreading significant information to the public.


Blog Promise

The Do’s and Don’ts of blogging can be applied practically everywhere when it comes to online writing. In the journalism field, freelance writers follow most of the tips given by planning their articles, showing enthusiasm when writing about topics that don’t interest them, and avoiding long paragraphs to help their audience read easier.

Since most journalism newspapers are switching to an online platform, journalists have to update their media and writing skills to accommodate the new setup. Photographers have to learn how to upload and integrate images with articles, and writers have an online deadline to meet now that time stamps are involved. The tips for blogging are practiced regularly in journalism.

For my blog, I will be myself and write about topics that interest me. My posts will revolve around a central, positive theme to avoid randomness. Future posts will be planned and finished in a single swoop at least a day before they’re due in class so I can stay focused on the topic and deliver my content faster for the audience. I’ll stay open minded to trying new writing styles and topics outside of my comfort zone so the content remains fresh and innovative.

To improve my blog, I will plan the content, use images in my posts to attract the reader visually, proofread, and incorporate links and social media for a more interactive blog. I want to maintain a simple, creative blog to express and share my opinion with my audience and to refine my writing skill.