Search Engine Optimization

Search engine sites like Google and Bing connect people to websites for their information needs. It allows people access to niche content thanks to their search engine optimization.

An understanding of SEO can benefit website owners in several ways. For my website reganphotography, I plan on utilizing some of the tips from the Google SEO Starter Guide. A reliable way to move your website up in search results is to actively update it. The activity shows Google’s SEO that the site is consistently pushing out new content so it’ll favor your site over less active ones.

Another helpful tip involves using keywords in headlines and descriptions to match the words people search for. Since SEO organizes all of the internet’s content, keywords help filter the results to cater to an individual’s needs. A website will gain more traffic if relevant words about a topic are used on web pages.

Other websites that have a link to your site can help bump your website up in search results. SEO recognizes your site as popular and committed. The strategy has been abused by website owners wanting to rise in results. Owners buy fake websites with a link to their real site to trick the system into thinking the site is popular. Search results aren’t genuine since sites try to manipulate SEO.

With knowledge about SEO, website owners like myself can boost their views and improve their search result spot by consistently practicing methods.


Web Virality

In the new digital age of social media, web virality contributes to most of the internet’s comments be it a funny video or someone’s story.

Knowing how to make content viral can positively benefit someone in the communications field since many employers look for journalists with multimedia skills. If a journalist can make stories go viral, the website will get more traffic and from there possibly more readers.

The communication field contributes to virality on the internet by bringing important or emotional stories to the public’s attention. Journalism has been known for changing the course of history through stories about political scandals and exposing shocking government information.

The concept of virality has aided the journalism industry for years and, with the help of the internet, the field will continue to thrive by spreading significant information to the public.

Web Security

In the new digital age, information can be instantaneously sent and also stolen. An article about preventing account hacking gave several tips. The article advised against reusing passwords since a breach in one account can lead to more if the same password is tried on other accounts linked to you.

Another tip involved setting up two-factor authentication like emails and banks offer. In order to log in from a new device, a code is sent to an email or phone to put in when logging on. Doing so helps you keep track of where your information is being used and to assure no one but you can get in. Three Essential Steps to Make Yourself More Hack-Proof

In the communication field, web security is essential because an online presence is an important part of the job. If a social media account is compromised, my reputation can be ruined if hackers add inappropriate posts.

The definition of privacy has evolved along with technology. While a public official is entitled to their privacy, it can only extend for so long until it affects the people they represent. Sometimes hackers reveal relevant facts to the public. Information belonging to the American people needs to be revealed in order to maintain a democratic society, even at the cost of public figure privacy.


Massive open online courses are revolutionizing higher education. The internet is more accessible to potential students than a college campus is so universities offering MOOC’s can gain more students.

The internet offers a variety of MOOC’s for many subjects. One of the online courses I found for web design is offered by Peer 2 Peer University. The online college encourages interaction between classmates and offers learning circles so students can work on their online assignments together. The learning circles interested me because I can understand the course material better if I discuss it with others.

Codeacademy is another good MOOC. I used the program years ago to learn the basics of coding and it sparked my interest in learning more. The program has step-by-step guides for all of the modules and is beginner friendly.

If CA 260 were strictly an online class, I would have a harder time learning because of the lack of physical interaction with my teacher and classmates. In order for me to learn, I need a blended system of online work and campus class time.

CMS Recommendation

My recommendation for a content management system is WordPress. A local business owner might not know much about developing a website, depending on their trade.

WordPress offers a simple menu layout and easy updates and customization. There is a variety of themes for websites to use and access to over 28,000 plugins, even more than the most popular CMS Joomla!.

The media management is a simple drag and drop of content and the user management allows access to certain controls for specific accounts so employees and owners can both manage the website with ease. To view more of WordPress’ features, click here.

Compared to Joomla! and Drupal, WordPress is more beginner friendly and doesn’t require a large team to develop and manage a website, making it the best option for a local business.

Google Filters

Today, I learned a new function on gmail that filters emails with key words in it. I made a filter for both of my summer classes so I can access it easily and know exactly where to find an email for reference or to message my teachers. It marks all of those emails as important so it’s the first thing I view when I check my college email. The process was easy, but it can be complicated if someone filters it by who the email is sent from and to or how many key words are entered. I’ll definitely be using this function in the future to sort out emails for freelance jobs or to talk to my coworkers and editor. You can learn how to make filters here. Create a Filter

If I wrote an email to Dr. Hossain about leaving early for class, I would write:

Hello Dr. Hossain, I have an issue I need to address. For the upcoming lab this Tuesday, I need to leave the class 20 minutes early to make it to a doctor’s appointment. Thank you for understanding.

Regan Francis

Web Accessibility

The internet should be accessible and designed for everyone to use – including people with disabilities. In an article about web accessibility, I learned a few tips on how to make my website easy to use for any of my audience that face physical challenges Accessibility.

Web designers have found a solution. One method that I learned recently in class is using alternative text when coding a website so that a description of the image will appear if the image can’t be viewed. My website will have alternative text for all the images since its main content is photography.

By implementing alternative text and other practices, I can expand my audience to people with disabilities and keep my website accessible to a variety of clients.

Designing a Website

This week, I designed my website plans on paper so I’d have a visual focus on the goal of the site. The process is more tedious than I originally thought.

All of my work -photography and articles- have to be on separate pages along with any services I might consider like wedding or family photography. I need a contact and about me page so my audience will know who they’ll be doing business with and how to reach me.

I read an article  Organizing Web Content that guided me when I planned my website. It explained the benefits of organizing all services on separate pages like how it’s easier for the audience to find a specific page on search engines.  The article helped me focus on what caters to my audience by having a contact me with a social media widget since most employers in journalism search for an internet savvy journalist. I’m avoiding putting all of my services on one page since they all need an individual page for more details. Landing pages boost clicks on my website and the audience can find the site more efficiently if there are multiple landing pages.

Hopefully as I learn more in Digital Writing and Production, I can enhance my website to suite its needs.

Weebly Website

Weebly allows anyone like you and me to build our own website effectively with features that improve the professional look and help you reach an audience. People learning web design can use design tools like images and videos to bring more visual elements to their website and are offered a variety of templates to achieve their site’s ideal look.

Setting up a Weebly account was an easy process. Weebly provided step-by-step guidance on building a proper website by offering me a template to suit my look and all. For my theme, I choose Breal which has a simple enough background and layout that I can post my photography without the colors clashing with each other. I might change the theme later, but I know I want my site to have a similar layout and simplicity.

Blog Promise

The Do’s and Don’ts of blogging can be applied practically everywhere when it comes to online writing. In the journalism field, freelance writers follow most of the tips given by planning their articles, showing enthusiasm when writing about topics that don’t interest them, and avoiding long paragraphs to help their audience read easier.

Since most journalism newspapers are switching to an online platform, journalists have to update their media and writing skills to accommodate the new setup. Photographers have to learn how to upload and integrate images with articles, and writers have an online deadline to meet now that time stamps are involved. The tips for blogging are practiced regularly in journalism.

For my blog, I will be myself and write about topics that interest me. My posts will revolve around a central, positive theme to avoid randomness. Future posts will be planned and finished in a single swoop at least a day before they’re due in class so I can stay focused on the topic and deliver my content faster for the audience. I’ll stay open minded to trying new writing styles and topics outside of my comfort zone so the content remains fresh and innovative.

To improve my blog, I will plan the content, use images in my posts to attract the reader visually, proofread, and incorporate links and social media for a more interactive blog. I want to maintain a simple, creative blog to express and share my opinion with my audience and to refine my writing skill.